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How Bail Bonds Work


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The bail amount is set by the state based on the charge. For example an OWI 1st offence carries a bond of $1000. Most charges carry a cash or surety bond.

A cash/surety bond means you have two options for getting out of jail. 1. You can call a bail bonding agent. The bail bonding agent will charge you a premium typically 10% of the bond plus costs to get you out. Option 2 is to pay the full amount of the bond in cash. You will get this money back at the end of your case less fines and fees.

In some cases the bond is set as "Cash Only" this means the only way to get out of jail is to come up with the full amount of you bail in cash. Cash only bonds are used in cases where you may be seen as a flight risk or you have a history of not paying fines.

SURETY BONDS - Surety bonds are insurance policies that guarantee the court you will show up for court. The fee you pay the bondsman is the premium. If you fail to show up for court the bail bonding agent will have to pay the court the full amount of the bond. There will be a "Cash Only" warrant issued for your arrest and the bail bond agent will be looking for you. You and your cosigner will also be liable for any fees the bail bond agent has.

CASH ONLY BONDS - Cash bonds are set by the court and require the full amount of the bond in cash. North Iowa Bonding does not do Cash Only Bonds.

COLLATERAL - In some cases collateral is needed to ensure the defendant returns for court. Collateral is returned when when the defendant concludes the court case.

CO-SIGNER - A co-signer may be needed. A co-signer is someone who signs to ensure the defendant shows up to court. If the defendant fails to show up the co-signer is responsible for the total amout of the bond.

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